Statewide Invasive Species Spotlight - Species of Concern

  • 08 Jun 2021 At: 01:00:PM - 02:00:PM
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Statewide Invasive Species Spotlight - Species of Concern

Hosted by the Lower Hudson PRISM, learn more about many of the prominent invasive species of concern across the state of New York to help control their spread to new regions! Each of the 8 NYS PRISMs selected a focal species to highlight that an important management priority or unique to that part of our diverse state geography. Join this online learning event to explore more about: black jetbead, emerald ash borer, European frog bit, Hydrilla, jumping worms, mile-a-minute, hardy kiwi, and water lettuce. The webinar will primarily be a combination of informational slides, field ID videos filmed by PRISM staff/partners and discussion. The event will run as both a 1pm and repeat 7pm live streamed webinar. Zoom information for both timeslots are found below. Please join us!

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