What We’re Protecting

  • 19 Nov 2020 At: 01:00:PM - 02:00:AM
  • Online Talk Hosted by SLELO
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What We’re Protecting

We know that invasive species negatively affect biodiversity and we know which invasive species we need to work on; however, it can be difficult to know exactly what you are protecting when you control invasive species.

The St. Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario PRISM (SLELO), has an amazing diversity of landforms, land use, ecological communities, plants, and animals. All these different natural and human aspects of our environment have been used to delineate ecoregions throughout the state and these characteristics can tell us a lot about what makes SLELO special.

This webinar will showcase ecological rarities that exist in the SLELO region, an overview of protected plant rankings, and how our work protects our lands and waters from the impacts of invasive species.


Steve Young- Chief Botanist, New York Natural Heritage Program

SLELO PRISM staff members