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Adirondack PRISM Partners

Managing the spread of invasive species in a region as vast as the Adirondacks is a challenge that requires collaboration across many organizations to be effective. While APIPP staff play an active role in invasive species monitoring, management, and education, the success of invasive species prevention and control efforts in the Adirondack Park is truly a testament to the work of our partners, who help us meet the goals of the Adirondack PRISM strategic plan by taking action to prevent, monitor, and/or manage invasive species.

If your organization is interested in helping the Adirondack PRISM advance its mission to work in partnership to minimize the impact of invasive species on the Adirondack region’s communities, lands, and waters, you can learn more below about the benefits of becoming a partner and how you can contribute. You can also review the Adirondack PRISM Operating Principles.

Partner Accomplishments

Partner contributions to meeting the four goals of the Adirondack PRISM Strategic Plan are captured in an annual Partner Accomplishments Dashboard (shown at right, downloadable at the link below). 

View the 2023 Partner Accomplishments Dashboard

To see how your or your organization can get involved, reach out to our team and partner with APIPP today!

Partner Benefits

Connection: Adirondack PRISM partner meetings and events provide an opportunity to engage with other organizations and individuals committed to minimizing the impact of invasive species.

Expertise: Adirondack PRISM partners are at the forefront of regional invasive species research and development of best management practices. APIPP staff are available to make presentations at or help with events held by partners.

Recognition: Partners are recognized by APIPP in its annual report, annual partner dashboard, and in other ways—including press releases and social media posts.

Partner Agreements

Partners agree to advance the Adirondack PRISM mission in ways that are compatible with their own missions. Partners who actively participate in the Adirondack PRISM in one or more of the following ways are officially recognized as an Adirondack PRISM Partner.

  • Attend at least one Partner Meeting a year.
  • Contribute data to the Adirondack PRISM dashboard.
  • Participate in an Adirondack PRISM working group.
  • Partner with APIPP staff on an invasive species project.